Athletica lyrics.

(lyrics coming soon, maybe)

Slow Flow Mole     (Takako Minekawa)
yukkuri to ochiteiku  tsubu no himetsu
mizutana ga nagareteku

subarashii foam etaki
utsukushii hatetaki

metronome wa machi no kazu no hoka no himitsu
hokuro mitai ni kikoeru deshou?

subeteno mono tachi wa
futasae mo  narii tsu(?) deki teruwazu
tsunagatte kiss shite moving on moles

thinking in my head
chuuroku ni sakaratte
subarashii foam etaki
utsukushii hatetaki
subarashii palace kiku no

watashi ni wa utsukushii paredo ga koeteru
utsukushii paredo ga kikoeru
utsukushii paredo ga koeteru
utsukushii paredo ga kikoeru
utsukushii paredo ga koeteru
utsukushii paredo ga kikoeru
utsukushii paredo ga mieteru

Klaxon! (NEW TYPE)     (Mooog Yamamoto)
Klaxon's a sound of E.V.M.
Klaxon's like an old fashioned humming, woo
Klaxon we've never paid attention to
Reaction's just a nothing happening

For the sweet heart with atopic skin
take out a lemon color tube
with such a plenty of his great love and care
spread steroid all over again

Scan the snapshots of his dear little kid
set up a homepage of his own
not knowing his whole body is showered with
electromagnetic ways

The sclic color candies and soda pops
so easy to get everywhere
with aclic color eons and molecules
stain cellular tissues bright

Fabie (1,2,3 exercise)     (Takako Minekawa)
1,2,3 fabie!
I'm exercising, painting in my head
special colors and curious animals
and nice exercise goods,
it's fabie!

microcosmo inside me
I wanna intercommunicate with you
and let's listen to interplanetary music there,
it's fabie!

let's exercise and follow me
I'll be your guide you and me
floating, interplaying, together
along with this sonderful music
Let's exercise!

"yes! it's fabie!"
"that must be fabie!"
"yes! it's very fabie!"

please wear this interphone
it's so easy to handle"would you like a nice exercising suit
and a pair of exercising shoes?

Fabie (1,2,3 beat it)     (Takako Minekawa)
red rabbit rollerskate
orange oval ox
turquoise tiny turtle tandem
1,2,3 fabie!

golden grapefruit ghost
monster maroon moon
junglamin jupiter jump
1,2,3 let's exercise!

captain coral cat
little lavendar lamb
pom pon pompeian pompadour
1,2,3 I'm exercising!

1,2,3 beat it!

black big bonbon bank
spiral seaweed seesaw
pink pop pigeon primary planet
1,2,3 fabie!

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