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on this page, you'll find sound samples, pictures, and
any other keen stuff I can find about Takako...  If you
have any contributions, please email me with details.

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photos click the thumbnails to see full size versions

the following pics I found around the internet, most notably at Takako's Polystar HP, Takako's page at Emperor Norton,
and the Yum Yum Radio Takako Minekawa page.  other sources are noted by the picture.  For additional copyright info
related to the pictures, please see the about this site page.

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concert photos
click the thumbnails to see full size versions

concert1s.jpg (2976 bytes) concert2s.jpg (1590 bytes) concert3s.jpg (1727 bytes) concert4s.jpg (1763 bytes) concert5s.jpg (1707 bytes) concert6s.jpg (1927 bytes) concert7s.jpg (1899 bytes)
                                                                                                            the last pic here is from Nicholas Kent's tm page.

here's Takako as a kid...

photos I scanned click the thumbnails to see full size versions

the following pics are from Marquee magazine, issue 13.

marq1s.JPG (2447 bytes) marq2s.JPG (2754 bytes) marq3s.JPG (2682 bytes) marq4s.JPG (2843 bytes) marq5s.JPG (1744 bytes) marq6s.JPG (1726 bytes) Marq7s.JPG (1854 bytes) Marq8s.JPG (2115 bytes)

Marq9s.JPG (2428 bytes)                    the next two are from Marquee, issue 10 :  10marq1s.JPG (2204 bytes) 10marq2s.JPG (1865 bytes)

the following pics are from Marquee magazine, issue 19.
mwhite1s.JPG (2436 bytes) mwhite2s.JPG (1602 bytes) mwhite3s.JPG (1678 bytes) mwhite4s.JPG (1268 bytes) mwhite5s.JPG (1498 bytes) mwhite6s.JPG (2301 bytes) mwhite7s.JPG (1547 bytes) mwhite8s.JPG (4247 bytes)
mwhite9s.JPG (3037 bytes) maxionadverts.JPG (1993 bytes)                   the next one is from Marquee, issue 18 :  marq1800s.JPG (1685 bytes)

the following are from issue 13 of Beikoku Ongaku.

beikoku1s.JPG (2619 bytes) beikoku2s.JPG (2586 bytes) beikoku3s.JPG (2397 bytes) beikoku4s.JPG (2455 bytes) beikoku5s.JPG (1660 bytes)

the following is from Rolling Stone.

It was from a feature about new Japanese music.  It features
Takako among the following artists, Buffalo Daughter,
Audio Active, Cornelius, Zoobombs, & Natural Calamity

the following is from Giant Robot issue 16

I particularily like these ones  :)

the following is from the February 1998 issue of the Japanese Keyboard Magazine
(thanks to Nick Kent for sending me these)

min1s.JPG (1483 bytes) min2s.JPG (3083 bytes) min3s.JPG (2594 bytes) min4s.JPG (1989 bytes)
they are pics of Takako and (Buffalo Daughter's) Yumiko Ohno.

magazine covers click the thumbnails to see full size versions
I scanned the first 2, but the third comes from here.

takmag1s.JPG (1324 bytes) takmag4s.JPG (1962 bytes) takmag3s.JPG (3057 bytes) takmag2s.JPG (2824 bytes)

Also see the discography page for more photos!

marquee photos are copyright Marquee inc 1999
beikoku ongaku images are, well, I dunno the
official copywrite name, but they are property
of beikoku ongaku.

Sorry, I used to have a bunch of links to sound samples of Takako's music, but I decided to take them off here, as to avoid possible copyright quibbles....   If you want to hear the master herself, you can go to CDnow to get some great samples.  Also, be sure to go to Takako's Polystar page to hear Realaudio samples of Takako's music that you can't find at CDnow. 


This section is not yet totally complete, but there's enough to keep you busy for now. As for the songs in Japanese, I'm romanizing them myself, so if you see a (?), then it means I wasn't able to understand that part of the song.

---Chat Chat
---A Little Touch of Baroque in the Winter
---Roomic Cube
---Cloudy Cloud Calculator
---Fun 9

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