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the following sites I've found after scouring the net for Takako stuff,
some have brief descriptions, some don't.
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sites with "J" next to them are in Japanese

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---official sites...

Takako Minekawa at Polystar J
(her Japanese distribution company)

Takako Minekawa at Emperor Norton
(her American distributor)

Takako Minekawa at March Records


---fan sites...

Nicholas Kent's Takako Minekawa page.
very informative discography section here!  part of Kent's Synth Music form Japan site.

I Heart Takako
a LiveJournal community dedicated to Takako...



Roomic Cube

One Billion Robots issue 26

Demented Reviews

"At a Glance" brief summary

Pitchfork (InSound archive)


Cloudy Cloud Calculator

Splendid Reviews







Fun 9

Women Rock



OC Weekly

Big Orange Crayon

Grooves Magazine

Maxi On

Austen Zuege



---buy takako's music...

CD Japan
Comfort (lots of Japan-only stuff!)
Bent Crayon
Other Music
Amoeba Records


Maxi On video snippet at Milky Elephant another Milky Elephant Maxi On piece
Takako Minekawa at Takako Minekawa at the UBL
has some good info on Takako
Option G Design
they did a couple images for Takako's albums
some Japanese-only info on Takako J
looks like it's about Chat Chat
Takako at Music Clamp factory vol. 7 J
there's a nice little exclusive pic of Takako here.
some gooood Japanese music links a page about Takako with a funny background J
scan of Fall 2000 issue of Beikoku Ongaku cover TM info at Pop Academy
Takako at Artist Direct Music to Code By writeup about Takako
Pop-Site J Level
tons of pics from some talk Takako did J


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>>> here's a nice chat transcript interview with him.
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Moog the maker of wonderful analog synths

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