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okay, here's a page you can really help me out on!  Feeling creative?
Well, this is the bonus page, and if you like to do art, write, or anything,
and you've made something related to Takako Minekawa, then feel free
to email me, and chances are I'll put it on this page :-)

Here's your creations...

takakofrancisco.JPG (24924 bytes)
wonderful art sent in by Mark Francisco
takako-mafu.jpg (35176 bytes)
to be painfully honest, this got lost on my computer
for a while, and I can't remember who did it. (Matthew?)

please email me if this is your work

dmitry.JPG (37232 bytes)
Dmitry made a video to the tune of Fantastic Cat, and these are some stills from it

well.... now send in your stuff!



evtaka.JPG (15884 bytes) <-- oh, and here's a little drawing of TM that I did back in '99.

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