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Hello, I am Evan and I am a Takako Minekawa enthusiast.  I got into her music not all that long ago (around December of '98), but I was hooked instantly.   I decided to make this fan website after seeing that there aren't all that many English language sites dedicated to Takako, and she deserves more attention and credit outside of Japan.  I don't have much of anything else to say right now...  I'll probably add on to this page later, but I encourage you to explore my site, and if you like it, don't hesitate to tell other Takako fans about it :-)   If you have any interest in finding out about me or any of my other web sites, go to my webhub.

By the way, if you are wondering about the title of this website, "Phonobaloon Website", it comes from the song "Phonobaloon Song", off of Cloudy Cloud Calculator.  And also, if you are curious as to why this site is so blue, well, I like the color blue, and this site's design was inspired by the packaging design of Cloudy Cloud Calculator...

by the way...
copywrite stuff for the media page: I give credit for the pictures here. If you are affiliated with Polystar, Emperor Norton, Marquee magazine, or Beikoku Ongaku magazine, please email me if you want me to remove your pictures from this site.
I do not wish to infringe upon your copyright. I merely wish to give Takako's English-speaking audience a chance to see some pictures of her that they may not normally get to see.  I do this website, not to infringe upon a company's rights.  I do this website simply because I love Takako Minekawa's music.

special thanks to addme.com for the promotion of this web site.

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